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                                                                Simon Yam Tat Wah

        Television Resume


                                        The Reincarnation of Wai (TVB)      It Takes All Kinds (TVB)

                                Simon Yam began his career in television in the 1970's. During his tenure with TVB, Hong

                                 Kong's largest television studio, Yam acted in many of their most famous dramas. While 

                                TVB has proven to be one of the most effective launching pads for Hong Kong actors, it is 

                                  also known for grueling schedules and substandard pay. After leaving TVB around 1989, 

                               Yam concentrated on his growing film career. Yet Simon never ceased working in television. 

                                He has starred in Taiwanese, Singaporean, and Mainland Chinese productions, as well as 

                                 several shows for TVB rival ATV. Here is a partial list of Simon's TV work, encompassing 

                                                                      the majority of his work in the medium. 


All in One Family

Angels and Devils   (1983)

Born To Be a King   (1985)

The Brothers   (1980)

The Burning Rain

Call of the Wild



Fate Takes a Hand

Field of Dreams   (2002)

A Friend in Need   (1988)

Heavenís Retribution

A House is Not a Home   (1977)

It Takes All Kinds   (1984)

The Lamp Lore   (1985)

The Landlord

Legend: A Dream Named Desire   (2000)
The Legend of Lady Ching

The Legend of the Unknown

Man in the Net

(aka the Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

The Ming Dynasty King

The Movie Tycoon

My Date With a Vampire II   (1999)

My Holy Man

The Adventures of Chor Lau Heung  

The New Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre

The New Legend of the Book and the Sword

The Pitfall

Police Cadet Ď85   (1985)

(aka Police Cadet 2)

Qiu Jin: A Woman To Remember   (1984)
The Reincarnated Princess

The Reincarnation of Wai

The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Road To Success

Romance of the Book and Sword

The Shell Game   (1980)

The Shell Game 2

Six Friends   (2003)

Smiling Proud Wanderer

Thirteenth Sister

The Twin Heirs   (1988)

The Undercover Story

War of the Dragon   (1989)

The Way To the End of the World
Who is the Winner III   (1993)

Wind and Clouds



                                           Qiu Jun- A Woman To Remember (TVB)   The Shell Game (TVB)


                                          The Road To Success (TVB)   Angels and Devils (TVB)


                                                              Simon Yam -TV Movies


Hong Kong Criminal Files- Female Butcher   1

Hope   *
Pointed Triangle   *


                                                                  1  ATV's precursor to the film Dr. Lamb                                                      

                                                                          *  Singapore productions


                                                            *  note: some TV series, particularly from Taiwan and China, 

                                                                                        do not have English titles and are not included here


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