Simon Yam News- October-December 2003


                             Golden Horse Award Ceremony

                                                Simon Yam and Carrie Ng on the red carpet  Leon Lai and Angelica Lee

                                             December 13th: The 40th Golden Horse Awards were held in Tainan, Taiwan. As in the

                                    previous year, HK films took many of the awards. The Best Actor award went to

                                   Tony Leung Chiu Wai for Infernal Affairs, which was the night's big winner with a

                                 total of 6 awards including Best Picture. For its 11 nominations, PTU received just 1

                                                                             award for Best Screenplay. 

                                                                                                         Images: Mingpao


                           Blacky Ko Found Dead in Shanghai

                                                                                    Blacky Ko (Ke Shou Liang) with Simon Yam

                                         December 9th: Blackie Ko Shou Liang has reportedly been found dead of apparent alcohol

                                  related causes. Ko was an action choreographer, stuntman, actor, and director.

                                 Ko made headlines across Asia when he became the first person to jump the Great 

                                   Wall of China by motorcycle. He appeared in dozens of movies with such stars as 

                                      Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Chow Yun Fat, and was good friends with Simon Yam. 

                                       Watch for the Hong Kong Movie World biography of Blacky Ko, coming soon. 



                                         Not Simon!

                                                  October 21st:  Daniel Chan judged a celebrity look alike contest for Chinese TV.

                                      The guy in red is supposed to be Andy Hui. Can you guess who the man in 

                                                                              blue is supposed to be?

                                                                                     Info: Sanney          Image: Oriental Daily    


                                           Van Damme, Yam in Wake of Death

                                                           Wake of Death starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Simon Yam

                                                  Simon Yam will play the main villain in the upcoming Jean Claude Van Damme

                                      action film Wake of Death. The movie, currently in production in Los Angeles 

                                         and South Africa, is directed by Philippe Martinez. Wake of Death is being 

                                                      produced by U.S. based company Bauer Martinez Studios.



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