Simon Yam News- July-September 2003


                                Simon, PTU Get Golden Horse Nominations  

                                                                  Simon Yam in PTU

                                                   PTU was nominated for 11 awards at the 40th annual Golden Horse Awards

                                    in Taiwan.  Only Infernal Affairs received more, with a total of 12 nominations.

                                    Simon Yam earned a Best Actor nomination for his role as the PTU commander.

                                                              Here are the rest of the awards PTU is up for:


                                                                    BEST FILM

                                                                    BEST DIRECTOR- Johnnie To Kei Fung

                                                                    BEST ACTOR- Simon Yam

                                                                    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR- Lam Suet

                                                                    BEST SCREENPLAY- Yau Nai Hoi, Au Kin Yee

                                                                    BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY- Cheng Siu Keung

                                                                    BEST VISUAL EFFECTS- Stephen Ma Man Yin

                                                                    BEST COSTUME DESIGN & MAKEUP- Suki Yip Suk Wa 

                                                                    BEST MUSIC- Chung Chi Wing 

                                                                    BEST EDITING- Law Wing Cheong

                                                                    BEST SOUND- Martin Chappell


                                       Simon Yam Re-teams With Johnnie To 

                                                                            Johnnie To with Simon Yam Tat-Wah

                                               Sept. 24th:  Following the success of PTU, Simon Yam will begin filming a new movie

                                  in November about pickpocketing and thievery with Johnnie To Kei-Fung. So does 

                                                             this make Simon Yam the new Lau Ching Wan?  

                                                                              Simon Yam Tat-Wah

                                                                                                                   Images: Oriental Daily   


                               Article in City Paper


                                           August 8th:  There's an article about and Paramount's plagiarism of it 

                                            in the DC weekly Washington City Paper, aptly titled "Bio Ethics".



                                         Paramount Pictures Plagiarized From



                                         July 22nd:  Paramount Pictures, producer of over 3,000 films since its inception in 1912,

                                 has directly plagiarized material from Simon For the full 

                                                                             press release, click here


                                  The official website for Paramount's Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life,

                              , has stolen from my Simon Yam biography.


                                   What do you think of the idea of a major Hollywood studio plagiarizing written 

                                       material to help promote its multi million dollar movie release and related




                                                   Tomb Raider 2 Premiere in LA

                                                                                Simon Yam at the Tomb Raider 2 premiere

                                             July 21st:  Tomb Raider 2 premiered in Los Angeles tonight with stars Angelina Jolie,

                                   Gerald Butler, Dijimon Hounsou, Simon Yam Terence Yin and director Jan de Bont.

                                   Other attendees included Colin Farrell, Oliver Stone, Gary Busey, and David Spade. 

                                                                                   Image (above): Singtao   


                                             Cradle of Life opening July 25th


                                    Just a reminder that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life will open in U.S.

                                theatres July 25th. Check out Simon Yam as Chen Lo, the leader of a Chinese crime

                                                                   syndicate who fights with Lara Croft. 


                                                 Simon Plays at Cute Bear Forest

                                Simon Yam with kids   Simon Yam Tat-Wah digs with the children

                                   July 11th:  Simon invited a group of more than 10 children to his Cute Bear Forest,

                                  the land that he's turning into a nature preserve. He wants to teach the kids to 

                                      treasure nature. The  property is being used to grow crops and already has 

                                                                           many flowering Chinese quince. 

                                                                      Simon digging with the kids

                                "Hong Kong people have neglected nature", he says. "If I had a child, I would hope

                                    that the HK government would not just think of business but also of the kids".

                                          Image (top  left): Singtao          Image (top right): Oriental Daily          Image (below): Singpao


                                                              Simon's Photography


                                  Simon Yam's new photography book will be released this December. He has also

                                  taken photographs of actress Angelina Jolie, but it's not certain whether or not

                                                                       they will be included in the book. 

                                                                                        Image: Mingpao


                                              Collin Chou Interview on HKMW

                                       COLLIN CHOU- Remember when he played the bad guy in Night Club with

                                          Simon Yam? No? Well, anyway, check out the Hong Kong Movie World

                                            interview with Collin, who is now appearing in the Matrix sequels.

                                                                      Collin Chou Interview


                                                   Simon Yam- Bloodfight Redux 

                                     SIMON ON TELEMUNDO? Yep, that was Simon last week on Spanish network 

                                Telemundo. They aired his 1989 movie Bloodfight in prime time (Spanish dubbed and

                                    retitled  La Lucha Final which means "the final fight". Bloodfight may be one of

                                  the worst flicks he's ever been in, but it's also among the most widely available.

                               It was recently reissued on DVD and VHS and has long been stocked in video stores.



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