Simon Yam News- April-June 2003


                     Simon in Hong Kong Movie Hall of FameTM 

                                                                         Simon Yam Tat Wah in the Hong Kong Movie Hall of Fame!!

                                            Simon Yam Tat Wah is the 200th inductee in The Hong Kong Movie Hall of Fame!

                                                                                    Check it out here.


                                                      THE SIMON YAM CANON CAMERAS PROMOTIONAL TOUR

                                Fans in Malaysia will have another chance to meet with Simon at The Simon Yam

                                Canon Cameras Promotion Tour. He'll be in town April 12th and 13th at 3 venues.


                                        HK Stars and SARS

                                            Simon Yam promoting Canon

                                        April 11th:  Atypical pneumonia, or SARS, is wreaking havoc on every aspect of Hong 

                               Kong life. Fears of the deadly virus spreading have caused the Udine Film Festival

                               organizers to "uninvite" its Asian guests! This includes Lam Suet and Simon Yam.

                               Simon (seen above at a CANON promotion), says that he's had a health check and 

                              wears a mask sometimes. Still, he received a letter of apology from the organizers

                                       barring HK visitors. Simon has attended the Udine festival in past years.

                                                                                          Image: Mingpao


                                        Run and Kill on DVD

                                         Run and Kill

                                                   The Category III classic Run and Kill starring Simon Yam and Kent Cheng

                                                            has been released on DVD by Universe. 


                                                                             Qi Qi

                                                April 3rd:  In an interview with Oriental Daily, Qi Qi talked about her career and

                                     personal life. While she has spent less time on the runways lately, Qi Qi has

                                                   been busy as an image consultant and beauty book author. 

                                         On her husband Simon (courtesy Sanney), the Vienna bred model said,

                                   "If I never met him, I wouldn't have fallen in love with Hong Kong and made it 

                                                    my home.  I probably would have left a long time ago."

                                                                      Image: Oriental Daily        Quotes/info: Sanney


                                                           PTU Premieres at HKIFF

                      PTU premiere at Hong Kong International Film Festival

                                         April 8th:  Cast members and director Johnnie To were on hand for the screening of

                               the Hong Kong premiere of PTU. Also in attendance- Nicholas Tse, Josie Ho, Jordan  

                                                                           Chan and the boys from SHINE.        

                             Pictured above (left to right): SHINE, Ruby Wong, Josie Ho, Jordan Chan, Maggie Siu,

                                                               (crouching): Simon Yam and Nicholas Tse 

                                                   Simon Yam, Qi Qi, Ruby Wong and Maggie Siu

                                                                                     Images: Oriental Daily 


                                          Elaine Kam, Simon Yam at the Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                          April 6th:  Film veterans Elaine Kam and Simon Yam, presenters at the

                                                                          22nd Hong Kong Film Awards.



                       Simon Yam Remembers Leslie Cheung

                             Johhnie To Kei-Fung and Simon Yam promote PTU     Johnnie To and Simon Yam Tat Wah

                                        April 3rd:  Simon Yam and Johnnie To appeared together at a PTU promotion, but like

                                   the rest of Hong Kong, minds were on the untimely passing of Leslie Cheung.

                                  My translation of Simon's remarks are very rough, but he commented that he

                                   regretted to hear of his death, that Leslie died too soon and was too young.

                                 He mentioned Qi Qi's work with Gor Gor in The Kid. Leslie was a highly sensitive

                               person, says Yam, and his death is a pity. With all the recent turmoil in Hong Kong 

                              and the world, (such as SARS disease), HK "lacked light", as Simon put it. He hopes

                                                                that the region can regain that light soon.

                                                    Johnnie To, Simon Yam and Lam Suet

                                             Image (left): Takungpao          Image (right): Singtao          Image (bottom): Singpao


                                       Leslie Cheung in May 2002

                                      The above photo is from a charity event just last May. Simon, Karen Mok,

                                                                   and Leslie Cheung are pictured at left. 


                                 Hong Kong Bids Farewell to Leslie Cheung

                                                  Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing

                                         April 1st:  Leslie Cheung meant so much to anyone who is a fan of Hong Kong cinema 

                               or Cantopop. For many of us, he was one of the first icons we were exposed to in

                             our early exploration of Hong Kong film. His roles in films such as A Better Tomorrow,

                                    Rouge, Once a Thief, A Chinese Ghost Story and Farewell My Concubine are 

                                  essential viewing. And now, his suicide- sudden, dramatic and mysterious, has 

                                                                stunned and saddened millions of admirers. 

                               Simon Yam never got to work with Leslie Cheung- the only film in which they both 

                             appeared was The Banquet (1991).  However, Leslie was a guest at Simon and Qi Qi's

                                wedding in 1997. Two years later, Qi Qi co-starred with Leslie in Jacob Cheung's

                               touching family drama The Kid. In 2000, she appeared in Leslie's directorial debut,

                                From Ashes To Ashes. Watching his films in the dawn of his death, it's impossible 

                                                      to imagine this gifted performer is no longer with us.


                              The loss of an artist like Cheung is hard to absorb. His work touched millions of lives

                                 for over a quarter century. Leslie Cheung was beautiful, fragile, funny, human..




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