Simon Yam News:  January-March 2003


                                         Yam Chides Bush 

                           Simon Yam, Bernice Liu and Vanessa Yeung

                              March 19th:   Simon commented on the war with Iraq at a recent promotion for Crest

                              Whitestrips. Joked Yam, "Bush must have forgotten to brush his teeth, so he can't

                               communicate with others. He should brush more so everyone can happily sit down 

                             and chat. I don't know anything about politics, but don't fight any war. World peace

                                        is the best. I will leave it to history to see who is the criminal of war."

                                         The above quotes were translated by Wolverine, visit his site here

                                                 Simon Yam Tat Wah- he brushes daily                  


                                                                        Bernice Liu, Simon Yam and Vanessa Yeung

                                   Image (top): The Sun      (middle left): Oriental Daily      (middle right): Singpao      (bottom): Wenweipo   



                              The stars of PTU- Simon Yam, Maggie Siu, Lam Suet and Ruby Wong, are featured in 

                                                           the latest issue of City Entertainment magazine.


                                      Looking For Mr. Perfect - coming soon

                                    Looking For Mr. Perfect

                             Still looking for Looking For Mr. Perfect? Ringo Lam's long awaited film is set to open

                                                in April. Simon Yam, Shu Qi, Ruby Wong and Andy On star.


                                                       Eric Tsang            Simon Yam Tat Wah

                               March 14th:  Simon Yam and Eric Tsang attended HK/China International Golf Exhibit

                                                                          at the HK convention center. 

                                                               Image (left): Oriental Daily            Image (right): The Sun            Info: Wolverine  


                    PTU Opens HK International Film Festival

                                         Lam Suet in PTU  

                                        PTU, Johnnie To's long awaited crime thriller, and The Twilight Samurai, last year's

                                   epic from Japan, have been chosen to open the 27th Hong Kong International 

                                Film Festival. For those in Hong Kong, PTU will be screened on April 8th and 9th at

                                                                                  two separate venues.


                                    Simon Yam Tat Wah     Simon Yam demonstrates Lojack 

                                          January 24th:   Simon demonstrates why you need Lojack, 'cause today's burglars 

                                                        can break into a vehicle in as little as 25 seconds.

                                                                 Image (left): Oriental Daily       Image (right): Wenweipo     


                                                      Simon and Qi Qi at the premiere

                                        January 23rd:   Simon and Qi Qi attend the Hong Kong premiere of the James Bond movie

                                  Die Another Day co-sponsored by Omega watches (which they both endorse). 

                                                                                               Image: The Sun       


                                   PTU Premiering in Berlin


                                            Milkway Image will premiere their long awaited film PTU in Berlin, Germany. It will 

                              open at the 2003 Berlin International Film Festival on February 9th and three more

                                 screenings will follow through the 10th. In attendance at the Delphi-Filmpalast 

                                              theater will be director Johnnie To and lead actor Simon Yam. 

                                The festival itself will run from February 6-16, 2003, and will include two other HK 

                             films- INFERNAL AFFAIRS (2002) and A CHINESE ODYSSEY 2002.  In addition, five Shaw

                               Brothers classics will be screened as part of a special tribute to the studio: COME 


                                CONFESSIONS OF A CHINESE COURTESAN, and 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN. Three of 

                                                                 these will be newly restored versions.


                                       Jolie a "Perfect Lady"

                                                                                Angelina Jolie and Simon Yam Tat-Wah

                                          January 10th 2003:   Though Simon was not shooting any scenes, he visited the TOMB 

                                  RAIDER 2 set and posed for photographers with leading actress Angelina Jolie.

                                Yam praised Jolie as nice and amiable- a "perfect lady". Though English is not his 

                                 mother tongue, Angelina was patient during conversation. Plus, he says, she is 

                                                                   skilled at using chopsticks.  Whatta woman!

                                                                                         Image: Singtao     


                                                        Simon: Super Sexy Man

             Simon Yam Tat Wah- 'super sexy'

                                         January 10:   Simon attended a promotional tie-in for James Bond and Philips electric 

                               shavers (yeesh, another plug!) with a bunch of people including Belinda Hamnett

                                and Wong Hei. Simon, Wong Hei and Kenneth Chan were named Super Sexy Men.

                                                                             What, no Wong Yat Fei?

                                                                  Image: Oriental Daily                   Info: Wolverine 


                                                                       Happy New Year!!

                                     Belinda Hamnett and Simon Yam Tat-Wah

                                       January 1st 2003:   Simon took his niece to the circus for New Years Day. He bought her

                             a lollipop. Seriously though- that's actress Belinda Hamnett with Simon at the grand 

                                 opening of a shopping center in Mainland China, attending as celebrity guests.

                                With TOMB RAIDER 2 filming in Hong Kong, Simon has been showing the cast and 

                                crew around his home turf. However, he will not be filming any scenes this week.

                                 Said Yam: (via Sanney) "I don't have any scenes in Hong Kong. In the middle of 

                              January, I will be flying to England to work on the film. I'll be there over the Lunar 

                                  New Year holiday. When we were in Thailand, people from the crew were kind 

                                   enough to take me out and show me around. Now that they are coming here, 

                                                   I'm going to take the opportunity to return the favor."

                                                                     Image: The Sun                   Info/ Quotes: Sanney      



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