Simon Yam News: October-December 2002


                                                 Hey Simon- This Bud's 4 U

                                       December 2nd:   While attending an anti-drug event organized by HK Cable, Simon Yam

                              commented on the recent rash of Hong Kong celebrities arrested for drunk driving

                              (Suki Kwan, Tony Leung Ka Fai), as translated by Sanney: "There's actually nothing 

                               wrong with drinking. It's just that you must not drive afterwards because driving

                               drunk makes you a danger to society. You could be affecting the lives of mothers, 

                                                                                  fathers and children."

                                                                             Simon Yam Tat-Wah

                              OK, you've gotta love the irony of appearing at an anti-drug event and defending

                             the mostly widely abused drug on Earth- alcohol. Just a few days later, entertainer

                               Gallen Lo was arrested for drunk driving after crashing his car and hospitalizing 2

                                   other people. He abandoned the scene and when police found him, his blood

                                      alcohol level was over 3 times the legal limit. Yeah, drinking's harmless.

                                         Image (top): Sing Pao                 Image (below): Oriental Daily                 Info/ Quotes: Sanney      


                                                     Qi Qi and husband Simon Yam Tat Wah

                                          November 29th:       Still recovering from her cold, Qi Qi returned from Shanghai and

                              attended a charity banquet with Simon and other celebrities. She was concerned 

                                         about sleeping on her flight in case there were terrorists on board. 

                                                                                            Image: Sing Pao          


                                                                             Qi Qi

                                             Oct. 26th:        Despite having the flu, Qi Qi modelled dead animals at the 2002

                                                                            fur fashion show in Beijing. 

                                                                       Image: Oriental Daily               Info: Wolverine      


                   Hollywood Calling: Lara Croft vs. Simon Yam

                                            Qi Qi and Simon Yam

                                           Oct. 10th:    Simon Yam has accepted a role in the upcoming sequel to Paramount 

                                 Pictures' blockbuster TOMB RAIDER (2001) starring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie.

                                   Much of the film will reportedly be shot in Hong Kong. Simon will play a villain

                                     who is in possession of a magic crystal which Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) is

                                    after. TOMB RAIDER 2 will be directed by Jan de Bont, who made SPEED, THE 

                                          HAUNTING, and TWISTER. It's scheduled for a summer 2003 release. 


                                Simon Yam begins filming in England on October 21st. When asked how much he 

                                would be paid for his work in TOMB  RAIDER 2, he smiled.. and would only disclose 

                                that the sum was more than he would get in Hong Kong. He added that his main

                                              concern is perfecting his English pronounciation and grammar.  

                                                                                Image (right): Oriental Daily        


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