Simon Yam News: July-September 2002 


                                                        Simon Yam

                                            Sept 14th:     Simon Yam limps to the gym after injuring his lower back on a movie 

                                recently. Apparently something he did caused his vertebrae to shift. Simon was

                                  in visible pain as a result. While he recuperates, his wife Qi Qi accompanies him

                               while he exercises, swims and pumps iron each day. According to Yam, the injury 

                                                                  is not a big deal, and will heal in time. 

                                                                                          Image: The Sun  


                                                 Simon Yam

                               Sept 13th:   Simon has has been discussing a possible role in the Hollywood sequel to

                               TOMB RAIDER. He would play a cool and evil villain and may be filming in Cambodia

                                and on elaborate indoor sets. As this would be the movie that introduces him to

                                 America and the world, he wants to make sure to develop a really cool bad guy.

                                                                                         Image: Sing Pao       



                                           Aug. 30th:   Simon Yam, Sandra Ng, and others at a charity VCD promotion. Simon

                                             will go to California on Sept. 18th to talk to Hollywood producers.

                                                                                         Image: Sing Pao       


                   Milkyway Image boys

                                         Aug. 28th:   Simon Yam with Charles Heung, Johnnie To and Wai Ka Fai at an event 

                                       celebrating Milkyway Image's new status as a publicly traded company.

                                                                                         Image: Sing Pao       


                                                                Alex Fong and Simon Yam

                                           Aug. 24th:   Alex Fong and Simon Yam promoting cell phones at "Men's Night" from

                                  Alcatel and Esquire. Earlier Simon played golf with a wealthy landowner friend

                                  and discussed investing in some New Territories real estate, which Qi Qi would

                                                                like to name "Small Bear Forest".  Cute


                                                                             Simon Yam Tat Wah

                                                                   Image (top): Sing Pao             (below): Oriental Daily   


                                                    August 24th            

                                                                                                     Image: The Sun  


                                                                            Simon Yam Tat Wah

                                                                                       Image: Takungpao        


                                                   Qi Qi and Simon check out Pet Shop Boys

                                             August 2nd:     Qi Qi and Simon attended the Pet Shop Boys concert in Hong Kong.   

                                                                                          Image: Sing Pao         


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