Simon Yam News: Jan-March 2002 


                                               March 29th:    Why the hell am I giving so much free promotion for Wanasports?

                                            Below: Simon promoting his line of clothing at a Wanasports event.


                                                                             Simon Yam - Wanasports


         Simon Yam plugs Wanasports


                                Below: Felix Wong Yat Wah, Blackie Ko, Michelle Mei & Simon Yam get on the bus. 


         Felix Wong, Blackie Ko, Michelle Mei and Simon Yam

                                                                           Image (top): Ming Pao               Image (center, bottom): Sing Pao         



                                   March 15th:   Simon Yam pitches OMEGA

                                      Simon in an ad for Omega watches, the brand he has promoted for years.

                                    I'm not sure if Simon had anything to do with it, but now his pals Richie Ren

                                     and Sammo Hung are also doing ads for the company. Click to see the ads:

                                                                     SAMMO'S AD              RICHIE'S AD

                                                                                          Images: Sing Pao


                               Three New Simon Yam DVD Releases


                                                   Simon Yam and Alan Tang fans alike now have three more films they can

                                        catch on DVD. Mega Star has released RETURN ENGAGEMENT (1990) and 

                                 GUN N' ROSE (1992), two gangster pictures produced by and starring Alan Tang;

                                        and THE BLACK PANTHER WARRIORS (1993), Tang's last Hong Kong film. 

                                         'WARRIORS' is an all star action comedy with Simon Yam, Brigitte Lin,

                                                    Tony Leung Ka Fai, Dicky Cheung, Carrie Ng, and others. 


                         21st HKFA: Simon Nominated For 'Midnight Fly'


                                              Simon Yam Tat-Wah now has his third Best Supporting Actor Nomination for a

                                  Hong Kong Film Award. His performance as Anita Mui's husband in Midnight Fly 

                                               was also nominated for a Golden Horse Award last December.

                                                Midnight Fly was also nominated for a HKFA Best Music Score.


                                           the Yams depart to Thailand

                                 February 12th:    Simon and Qi Qi were among the celebrities spotted at the airport

                                  going on Lunar New Year holiday. Also there were: Lau Ching Wan, Gigi Leung,

                                                                                       and Ekin Cheng.

                                                                                                     Image: Oriental Daily   



                                 February 5th:         Stanley Tong & Stephen Chow Sing Chi

                                    In Shanghai to further celebrate the forming of Stanley Tong's new Mainland

                                      production company, Simon joined the festivities at the 48 table banquet.

                                    Also attending were award winning HK director Fruit Chan, Stephen Chow, 

                                          Tony Leung Ka Fai, Yvonne Yung Hung, Carina Lau and Stanley Tong.  

                                        At least 3 films and over 120 hours of television are planned, including 

                                        projects with Stephen Chow, Fruit Chan and Andy Lau. Even Hollywood 

                                                                 co-productions are being considered. 


                            Stephen, Stanley, Carina, Tony, Simon

                                    Stephen Chow, Stanley Tong, Carina Lau, Tony Leung Kar Fai and Simon Yam.

                                                  Images (above): Oriental Daily        Image (below): The Sun        Info: Sanney 



                                         Yam's New Soccer Show


                                 February 4th:   Simon Yam        Stanley Tong

                                                  Director Stanley Tong, best known for his collaborations with Jackie Chan,

                                        has formed a film and TV production and artist management investment

                                    enterprise in China with 500 million renminbi of local financing.  To celebrate, 

                                    Tong held an inauguration ceremony in Shanghai with cast members of the 

                                    company's first production, a soccer themed TV series starring Simon Yam. 

                                        Production values will be high, with twice the budget of most Mainland 

                                                              television series, and will be shot digitally. 

                                      According to Simon Yam, that was only part of the appeal of the project: 

                                   "I picked this out of eight scripts that I was reading. In addition to getting to

                                  work with my old friend Stanley Tong, I get to work in Shanghai again. I have a

                                home here so I can sleep in my own bed every night. Also, it makes it convenient

                                                   for Qi Qi to come up and visit me. It's a great situation."



                                      Yam might be excited about staying in Shanghai but Hong Kong still holds

                                  the most appeal.  "Honestly", he said, "I've been all over the world but to me,

                                                                                 Hong Kong is the best."

                                                              Images: Oriental Daily        Info/Quotes: Sanney        Info: Wolverine



                                                           Lawrence Cheng

                                    January 24, 2002:     Simon and Qi Qi, and Lawrence Cheng at the ribbon cutting

                                           for a new department store, or something like that.  I think. *sigh*


                                                                            Lawrence Cheng, Qi Qi and Simon

                                                                Images (top): Ming Pao           Image (below): Oriental Daily  



                                                                                     Simon Yam

                                 January 20, 2002:   Having returned from a relaxing Christmas holiday in Thailand with 

                                 wife Qi Qi, Simon (pictured above doing publicity for a credit card company) told

                                  reporters that they plan to go back to the sunny spot during Lunar New Year. 

                                 Afterwards he will resume filming Johnnie To's P.T.U. (Police Tactical Unit), a film

                                     that has been shooting off and on since 2000. Asked if this production pace 

                                    bothered him, Yam said, "No, I don't mind. The movie is not a commercial film 

                                         so we're taking our time with it. A good movie takes time to produce. 

                                                                         I support Johnnie To's decision!"    


                                                                            Johnnie To Kei Fung

                                                                        Johnnie To: Gotta trust the man.

                                                  Image (above): The Sun       Image (below): Oriental Daily       Info/Quote: Sanney


                                       Dr. Lamb on DVD- Finally


                                                   Perhaps Simon Yam's best known role, the infamous Category III classic

                                  DR. LAMB (1992) has finally been released on DVD. The disc has been released 

                                                       uncut on the Winson label, and is available cheaply. 



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