Simon Yam News: October-December 2001


                              a day out with the Yams

                                  December 24:    This week's bit comes once again from (who else?) Senor Sanney

                                       via HK news source The Sun: At the Hong Kong airport on Lantau Island, 

                                reporters stopped Crouching Tigress Zhang Zhiyi and a certain Mr. and Mrs. Yam

                                     on Christmas vacation. Asked where they were going, Simon joked, "We're 

                                     spending the day touring Lantau Island!" A slap on the shoulder from Qi Qi

                                                                 provoked the correct answer. "Bangkok". 

                                                                       Images: The Sun          Info / quotes: Sanney 


                                              Qi Qi and Simon- the happy couple

                                                    December 19, 2001:       Simon and Qi Qi meet the fans. 

                                                                                             Image: The Sun         


                              HK Films Dominate Taiwan's Golden Horse


                                      This year's Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan went almost entirely to Hong

                                    Kong productions. However, Midnight Fly did not fare as well as anticipated 

                                         for its 9 nominations, receiving only one award for Best Original Song.

                                       The Best Supporting Actor award, which Simon Yam was nominated for,  

                                     was given to actor-singer Patrick Tam for his role as a boxer in Born Wild.


                                                         December 1:         Qi Qi playing golf

                                        To help promote Simon's golf enterprise, Qi Qi took part in a golf event.

                                          Qi Qi told reporters that she got into golf all because of her husband:

                                      "He was always trying to get me to take it up. He even told me once that

                                   I would look good swinging a golf club. Anyway, I think that you can tell a lot 

                                 about a person from the way they play golf. Some people will smash their clubs

                                    into the ground when they get mad. My husband doesn't do that. I've never

                                    seen him get mad while playing golf. I'm totally the opposite. I'm not a very 

                                     patient person. However, I've discovered that golf has helped me learn to 

                                 control myself. I've learned to be calm and to not rush things. Actually, I don't 

                                do any exercise at all. The only reason I took up golf was because of my husband

                                   and because it seems to be quite popular these days. But now, I find it to be 

                                                                                 quite a relaxing hobby."

                                                                            Image: The Sun         Info / quotes: Sanney


                                                                Wanasports Golf Line Unveiled


                                               Qi Qi and Simon           Founder Wan Chi Keung

                                            November 30th:  The Wanasports athletic wear franchise held a promotional event. 

                                      This is a company formed by Wan Chi Keung, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam and  

                                 Blackie Ko.  Among the golf clothing and accessories offered are shirts designed

                                          by Simon himself.  Even Wan Chi Keung's wife, Michelle Mei is in on it. 

                                    These five celebrities endorse, model and promote the apparel, but they've 

                                 also roped in other buddies like Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Nat Chan, and Miu Kiu Wai.

                                  Wanasports' first store was opened on HK's Nathan Road in July of this year.

                                                                                        Images: Ming Pao      


                                      November 18th:     Yam plugs Omega

                                     Yam promotes Omega, the high falutin' watch brand he represents in Asia.

                                                                                          Image: The Sun    


                                         Midnight Fly Nominated for 9 Golden Horse Awards


                                                                                   November 7, 2001:

                                   Taiwan's prestigious Golden Horse Award nominations have been announced

                                       for 2001.  Chief competing films include Durian, Durian, Lan Yu, Millenium 

                                            Mambo, Gimme Gimme, and Tsai Ming Liang's What Time is it There?

                                          Filmko's cross-cultural production Midnight Fly has nine nominations, 

                                                  including a Best Supporting Actor for Simon Yam Tat-Wah. 

                                                                  Here are the nominations for the film:

                                                                                   Midnight Fly 


                                                                             BEST ACTRESS-  Anita Mui 

                                                                    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR-  Simon Yam

                                                                  BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS-  Junna Risa

                                                                 BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY-  Wong Bing Hung

                                                                       BEST ART DIRECTION-  Fok Tak Wah

                                                                    BEST COSTUME DESIGN-  Wong Chi Man

                                                                     BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC-  Mui Lam Mau

                                                                     BEST SOUND EFFECTS-  Philippe Morel  

                                             BEST ORIGINAL SONG-  Mui Lam Mau (music) Junna Rissa (vocals)


                                    Fulltime Killer also received one nomination for Best Effects. [If you haven't 

                                     seen Midnight Fly yet, I recommend it, but don't expect Simon's role to be 

                                                                               especially significant]. 


                                                  October 25:          

                                         Simon attended a Star East event at Planet Hollywood celebrating the

                                                       FIFA 2002 World Cup.  Guess who the sponsor was.


                 Simon Yam flanked by Bud

                                                                                   Image (top): Oriental Daily        Image (below): Sing Pao


                                                        Ten Best Dressed Awards


                                       Ten Best Dressed

                                              L to R: someone, Alex To, Valerie Chow, Kam Kwok Leung, Shu Qi

                                            Simon Yam, Carol Cheng, Daniel Wu, Sonjia Kwok?, chef Alan Zeman


                                               Yam          DoDo and former flame Kam Kwok Leung


                                               Yam Tat Waaaaah          Qi Qi Chaplin

                                                        October 24:  Once again, Simon has been chosen as one of the Ten Best 

                                          Dressed celebrities. The awards are given by the Hong Kong Fashion 

                                  Designer's Association. Simon and Qi Qi modelled some freaky outfits (above).

                                            Image (top, center): Oriental Daily         Images (below): Ming Pao          Info: Wolverine  


                                            Simon Yam                                        

                                   October 24, 2001:  In China, Simon and Gwennie Tam were on hand for the opening

                                        ceremony of Chinese Art and Antique's Exhibit.  Wolverine reports that 

                                      Simon joked about the over enthusiastic fans who took his camera in the 



                                       (click to enlarge)

                                                              Image (top left): Oriental Daily      top right: Ming Pao        (below):  


                                                                                Qi Qi Chanel

                                               October 8:      Qi Qi (aka Kei Kei) modelling for Chanel.  Simon is her hubby, see?

                                                                                          Info: Wolverine  


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