Simon Yam News: July-September 2001 


                                                      Simon Yam and Andy Lau Tour Canada


                                   Sept. 13, 2001  Simon Yam and Andy Lau at Niagara Falls      Simon and Andy Lau

                                      Simon Yam and Andy Lau attended the Toronto International Film Festival 

                                       for the screening of their film Fulltime Killer. While in Canada they took in

                                         the sights together. Andy Lau was unable to leave Canada due to the 

                                   terrorist attacks in New York and DC that week, and had to cancel scheduled

                                   concerts in Sydney, Australia. Lau spoke to Oriental Daily reporters by phone

                                  (as translated by Sanney), "This trip here to Toronto was a happy one for me.

                                    Even though I had to attend many events, Simon Yam Tat-Wah and I got to 

                                       take time out to make a side trip to Niagara Falls. However, to have this

                                  disaster strike on the very last day, all the joy is now completely gone. We've

                                       been watching CNN ever since we got up. All of us are just sitting here 

                                                mesmerized by what happened. It's difficult to comprehend."

                                               Image (left): Oriental Daily      Image (right): Ming Pao      Info: Sanney / Wolverine


                                                   Simon Yam Promotes Fitness


                                    Anya (On Nga)       Rosemary Vandenbroucke       Simon Yam

                                     Sept. 2001: Simon Yam attended a fitness center opening with Anya (left) 

                                    and Hong Kong supermodel Rosemary (center). Anya (On Nga), a model and 

                                 actress previously seen in some racy commercials, will star in Golden Harvest's

                                 new film Sharp Guns. She came to  Hong Kong from Taiwan where she was a DJ.

                                                                                        Info: Wolverine


                                                    Qi Qi and Simon Hawk Products Together


                                                                            Simon and Qi Qi: loud and fuzzy  Image: Ming Pao  

                                     Sept. 2001: Simon and wife Qi Qi, who both represent Omega watches as   

                                            commercial spokespersons, attended another Omega promotion.


                                                Banquet Celebrates Fulltime Killer's Success


                                        Fulltime Killer     

                               August 28:  Director Johnnie To, Andy Lau, Kelly Lin, Simon Yam and Ying Choi-Yi came

                               together for a banquet for their film Fulltime Killer at Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel.

                                As for that week's wet shirt episode at Andy Lau's Summer Fiesta 2001 concert,

                                   Kelly told reporters that although her expensive outfit was ruined, Andy Lau    

                                                                              did call her up to apologize. 

                                                                                           Info: Sanney


                                    August 24, 2001:    Simon attended KISS HONG KONG, a fashion show by Korean 

                                 designer Andre Kim. The event, held at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre,

                                        hosted many of Korea's biggest stars as models and performers, plus

                                               Hong Kong's Ekin Cheng and Stephanie Che as special guests.



                                              Stars of Fulltime Killer Join Andy Lau on Stage


                                     August 23, 2001:    Kelly Lin, Andy Lau, Ying Choi-Yi          Fulltime Killer  

                                                                                          Kelly Lin, Andy Lau and Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi (click to enlarge)

                                  Andy Lau's Summer Fiesta concert series has hosted many special guest stars.

                                   To celebrate the earnings of Fulltime Killer (over HK $25 million), Andy invited 

                                    cast members Simon Yam, Kelly Lin and Ying Choi Yi to make an appearance.

                                   Seems things got a little carried away as Kelly Lin's co-stars doused her with

                                    champagne.  Photographers snapped away at Kelly's transparent white top, 

                                      and when she tried to hide behind Andy and Simon, they laughed and ran 

                                                 away as they encouraged photographers to keep shooting. 

                                                                              Image: The Sun         Info: Sanney


                                       Simon Yam in Johnnie To's "Fulltime Killer"


                                           Simon Yam's newest film is Johnnie To and Wai Ka Fai's Fulltime Killer

                                    a tale of two rival hitmen starring Andy Lau, Takashi Sorimachi, and Kelly Lin.


                                                 Simon Yam in 'Fulltime Killer'


                            Fulltime Killer     Andy Lau: 'Fulltime Killer'     


                                       In this film, Simon plays a detective who is hunting the two killers played 

                                         by Andy Lau and Japanese actor/singer Takashi Sorimachi. Not only is

                                       Fulltime Killer Simon's third collaboration with Johnnie To but it is also his 

                                        fifth movie with Andy Lau. The last time they shared the screen was in 

                                        Future Cops, back in 1993.  Fulltime Killer is also the third movie in a row 

                                       Simon has made which has been heavy on English dialogue and featured 

                                      Japanese actors- Midnight Fly and Final Romance being the previous two.


                                       Qi Qi Comments on Modelling in the HKSAR


                                                 August 19, 2001:       Qi Qi  Qi Qi 

                                     Models Qi Qi and Christine Au Yeung presided over a model search contest.

                                   Qi Qi offered these views on the curent state of her profession in Hong Kong,

                                  as translated by my man Sanney: "Actually, Hong Kong is making great strides

                                 in producing models but Hong Kong women can never be as tall as women from 

                               other countries. It's just something that can't be helped. However, every market

                                     has its own needs. Models do not represent any country or territory, they 

                                   represent themselves. The most important thing is that a model be relentless

                                  in improving herself."  (At almost 6 ft. tall, Qi Qi has ample height for her job).

                                                                     Image: Oriental Daily          Info: Sanney



                                                      Simon Yam, worldly man   Fuzzy Yam  

                                  Aug. 16th: That Simon is always hopping all over the world. Where is he going 

                                     now?  Oh... wouldn't you like to know. OK, I don't know where the fuq he is.

                                                                       Image (left): The Sun          Image (right): Ming Pao 


                                                                 August 19, 2001:        Qi Qi

                                    At the Hong Kong Elite Model Search competition: Qi Qi was among the panel

                                 of judges who selected a winner to represent Hong Kong at Elite's international

                                   model search competition to be held in France. Guest performers at the event

                                                included top models Janet Ma and Rosemary Vandenbroucke. 

                                                                           Image: The Sun            Info: Sanney


                                             Simon Promotes 'Maniac' in Malaysia


                                    July 21, 2001: While In Kuala Lampur filming Ringo Lam's new picture, Simon 

                                   Yam made a public appearance in Sungei Wang Plaza to promote the new line 

                                       of Maniac sunglasses he designed. Simon personally created the brand 

                                                                                   several years ago. 


                                        "Looking For Mr. Perfect" Films in Malaysia


                                 July 14, 2001   Looking For Mr. Perfect       bears for Qi Qi

                                           Simon Yam has been in Malaysia shooting his third film for Ringo Lam, 

                                       the romance Looking For Mr. Perfect. He took time to hit the golf course 

                                       there and take some photos... The bears are for Qi Qi, since she likes em'. 

                                       Yam, an avid golf player, has designed a line of golf shirts to be released

                                      later in the summer. He commented on the working conditions in Malaysia

                                                                                   (courtesy Sanney): 


                                                                                 Mr. Simon Yam

                                 "Working in Malaysia was very difficult. The temperature was always in the high 

                               30s (celsius). Also, Ringo Lam is a very demanding director. You can't even make 

                                 one little mistake. Everything has to be just right. In the film, I play a man who 

                                  is a great dancer. Personally, I have never taken a dance lesson in my life but 

                                                   luckily I had some natural talent so it turned out all right."

                                                           Images (top): Oriental Daily         Image (above): The Sun         Info: Sanney / Wolverine



                                                       Simon and Qi Qi Visit the Soviet Union


                                 Stephen Chow, Coco Lee, Qi Qi and Simon Yam in Moscow

                               July 2001: Stephen Chow, Coco Lee, Qi Qi and Simon Yam were in Moscow 

                                 to attend festivities for the 2008 Olympic games, which will take place in Beijing.  

                                The media event attracted literally thousands of reporters and crew to the city.

                                                                                                   Image: The Sun



                               Anita Mui, Simon Yam Attend "Midnight Fly" Premiere


                                    'Midnight Fly' star Anita Mui     The cast of 'Midnight Fly'     Shaun Tam and Junna Rissa


                                             Anita Mui   Anita Mui and Simon Yam in "Midnight Fly"   Junna Rissa   


                                July 6, 2001   The cast of Midnight Fly- Simon Yam, Junna Risa, Anita Mui and Shaun

                                 Tam- attended the premiere of their new film geared toward female audiences.

                                  This is the first movie Simon has made with director Jacob Cheung, though his 

                                    wife Qi Qi was in Cheung's The Kid in 1999. Simon plays Anita Mui's husband, 

                                   amazingly this is the first movie they've made together. Shaun Tam, the son 

                                                         of actor Ti Lung, makes his debut in Midnight Fly.

                                  Images (top): The Sun     (bottom): Oriental Daily     (bottom center): Singtao     Info: Sanney / Wolverine


                                              Qi Qi and Simon at the premiere             Shaun Tam and Junna Rissa

                                     Shaun's parents were both in attendance, as were Kenneth Tsang and his 

                                     wife, and Chin Siu Ho. Simon, pictured above with his wife at the premiere, 

                                                      also photographed the poster image for Midnight Fly.

                                                                                                           Images: Ming Pao 


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