Simon Yam News: January-March 2001


                                    March 29, 2001:            Simon at the Next Awards ceremony     (click to enlarge)  

                                        At this year's Next Magazine Television Awards ceremony, 10 TV shows 

                                     and 10 TV actors were chosen as the best of 2000. Many big stars were in

                                   attendance, including Lisa Wong, Julian Cheung Chilam, Gallen Lo, Carol 'Do Do'  

                                       Cheng, Louis Koo, Bobby Au Yeung, Flora Chan, and Simon Yam Tat-Wah.

                                                                                                   Image: Apple Daily            Info: Sanney


                                                       Yam Designs Starbucks Ads


                                         Yam directs the models     

                                          March 26:   Simon and five other celebrity photographers were invited 

                                                                       to shoot ads for Starbucks coffee.   


                                         this picture is huuuge


                                         looks like a porn, eh?   


                                                                             Yam's Starbucks ad                            

                                                          Images (top, center): Apple Daily           Image (bottom): Oriental Daily           Info: Wolverine



                                                        Simon Yam: "I Sell Sex"


                                    March 25, 2001   Simon Yam and Gigi Leung during her birthday             "I sell sex"

                                     Simon presented a cake to Gigi Leung for her 25th birthday at a Hong Kong

                                     Film Awards event, wearing a provocative shirt that attracted much press

                                           attention. Yam is nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Award for 

                                                                                        Juliet in Love.

                                                                      Images (top): The Sun           Info: Sanney


                                                       Gigi prepares to kill the cake

                                                                                                                     Image: Apple Daily


                                         Simon Yam & Ti Lung

                                   March 20th:       Mandarin Films' 10th anniversary banquet hosted many stars,

                                     including most of the cast of Final Romance - Edison Chen, Amanda Strang,

                                         Sam Lee, Cindy Au and Simon Yam. Also there was Irene Wan, Ti Lung, 

                                         Emily Kwan, Lo Suk Yi, and Sherming Yiu.  Yam is seen above greeting 

                                                                                actor Ti Lung and his wife. 

                                                                          Image: Apple Daily           Info: Sanney


                                         Takashi Sorimachi        Simon Yam Tat-Wah

                                         March 15, 2001     Japanese star Takashi Sorimachi arrived in Hong Kong to 

                                   begin filming his role as a hitman in Johnnie To's Fulltime Killer. The first scene 

                                      he filmed was an interrogation scene with the police detective played by 

                                   Simon Yam. Afterwards, Simon spoke to reporters and was asked to give his

                                  impression of Takashi. Said Yam, (as translated by Sanney): "Takashi really is 

                                   a good-looking man. Too bad I don't have a lot of scenes with him. The film is 

                                       kind of funny because Takashi, Andy Lau, and I don't have many scenes 

                                   together." Yam also expressed pleasure at the opportunity of working again 

                                                                              with director Johnnie To.

                                                                                         Images: Oriental Daily            Info/ quotes: Sanney


                                                       March 15, 2001      Simon Yam sells shoes

                                           Later the same day, after shooting scenes for Fulltime Killer, Simon 

                                   attended a promotional event for a.testoni shoes. Yam is the Italian brand's 

                                   commercial spokesman in HK; not only appearing in their advertisements but 

                                                              photographing and designing them as well.


                                         Yam sells shoes

                                                         Image (top): Singtao        Image (below): Apple Daily        Info: Sanney


                                                               Simon Loves Golf


                                     March 13, 2001   Simon Yam playing golf           Simon Yam  

                                                                           Simon playing golf somewhere. 

                                                                                      Images (above): The Sun         Image (below): Oriental Daily




                                              Simon in Japan for "Final Romance"


                                                   March 12, 2001         "Final Romance" crew

                                       Edison Chen, Amanda Strang, Simon Yam and the crew of Final Romance

                                     have a meal while shooting in Japan. After filming wrapped, Simon took the 

                                             opportunity to enjoy a brief vacation in Tokyo with his wife Qi Qi.



                                                                       Simon Yam on the slopes in Japan.                          

                                                                           Images: The Sun            Info: Sanney


                                                                             Qi Qi is a Model Wife


                                                Qi Qi         Qi Qi  

                                March 4th:    Model Qi Qi shot a commercial for a watch company which will appear 

                                                  in both Hong Kong and Mainland China (see above images).   


                                                                           Qi Qi with the skirt from the ad

                                    While vacationing in Morocco as Simon filmed Midnight Fly, over HK $200,000 

                                    of her property was lost when her luggage was stolen. Her travel insurance 

                                                                only ended up covering around HK $10,000.

                                                                           Images: Oriental Daily           Info: Sanney     



                                                           Yam nominated for HKFA Best Supporting Actor


                                 March 2001:   The 20th Hong Kong Film Awards nominations were announced, and

                                 Simon Yam was one of the nominees for Best Supporting Actor in Juliet in Love.

                                      The film was also nominated for Best Director (Wilson Yip) and Best Actor 

                                    (Francis Ng). This is only Simon's 2nd HKFA nomination. His 1996 nomination

                                             for To Be No. 1 was also for a gangster role.  Hey, what's new?



                                                                                Simon and Simon


                                                          Feb. 17, 2001   Simon Yam

                                     On Simon Lui's HK Commercial radio talk show, Simon Yam was the celebrity 

                                    guest.  Lui, a horror enthusiast and star of many scary HK movies including 

                                       a number of the Troublesome Night films, asked Yam if he'd ever seen a

                                     ghost. He answered, "I'm lucky, I haven't encountered anything out of the

                                                     ordinary so far. However, I believe that ghosts exist."  


                                          Yam the man

                                                   Image (top): Ming Pao          (bottom): Apple Daily          Info / quotes: Sanney



                                         Junna Rissa and Anita Mui

                                  Feb. 15th:  Shooting of Jacob Cheung's drama Midnight Fly has finally completed. 

                                       It stars Anita Mui and Japanese actress Junna Risa as two women who

                                       meet while travelling abroad, only to discover that they have the same

                                           man in their lives in common- Mui's philandering husband, played by

                                          Simon Yam.  Midnight Fly was shot on location in France and Morocco.


                                                        Anita Mui and Simon Yam 

                                                                                                 Images: Apple Daily            Info: Sanney


                                                                   Make Your Own Headline


                                  Feb. 12:    Simon Yam        Simon Yam

                                                                                     Images: Ming Pao  


                                  Feb. 12  2001   Yam like golf         Yam take picture with people

                                 Let's see here... the golf gang, left to right: Eric Tsang, somebody, Miu Kiu Wai?,  

                                                      somebody, somebody, Simon Yam, Wan Chi Keung

                                                                                    Images: Oriental Daily


                                   Feb. 1, 2001  Qi Qi, Simon, and golf clubs     Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia

                                                   Simon and Qi Qi at the Hong Kong airport return from Lunar 

                                                     New Year holiday in Thailand.  Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia and 

                                                                      her husband are also spotted there.

                                                                                       Images: Ming Pao  



                                                  Yam       Yam  


                                    Jan. 20th:   Yam       Yam

                                                      These are scenes from Legend: A Dream Named Desire.

                                      Sanney reports that due to the death and suicide in the storyline, ATV is 

                                        pre-empting the show on Lunar New Year as the subject matter is too 

                                                                           heavy for the hopeful occasion. 

                                                                                      Images: Oriental Daily


                                      Qi Qi, Simon, Christy Chung at Fashion Show


                                 January 18:                                   

                                  Simon, who just returned from Morocco where he was working on Midnight Fly

                                   attended a fashion show with his wife Qi Qi. Also at the event- Christy Chung.


                                              Christy Chung            Christy Chung

                                                                         Images: Oriental Daily           (top right): Ming Pao           Info: Sanney



                                    Jordan Chan and Simon Yam   (click to enlarge); Simon Yam

                                Jan. 15, 2001 Jordan Chan and Simon Yam Tat-Wah were at the premiere of Wu Yen.

                                                          Image (left): Apple Daily       (right): Ming Pao       Info: Sanney


                                                            Even Supermodels Have Problems


                                      The Ten Most Popular Models

                                Jan. 10:  Qi Qi, speaking to the press at's Ten Most Popular Models Event, 

                                   told of her unfortunate experience while in Morocco. While accompanying her

                                            husband during the filming of Midnight Fly, her luggage was stolen.  


                                                                             Qi Qi

                                        Says Qi Qi (courtesy Sanney): "I had just finished visiting my parents for 

                                   Christmas. My father gave me a video camera as a present. I only saw it once

                                    because when I flew to Morocco, it was stolen. My luggage arrived one day 

                                  after I did and when I saw it, I knew that it had been tampered with. I lost my 

                                   video camera, two regular cameras, my cellphone, my wallet and some credit 

                                 cards. Also, my husband's clothes were all gone. Luckily, the incident happened 

                                 at the end of last year. Hopefully, nothing like that will happen to me this year."     

                                                                        Images: Oriental Daily            Info: Sanney    



                                  Jan. 10:        Monica Chan with a pimped-out Simon Yam        Loletta Lee and Monica Chan

                                        The ratings for Legend: A Dream Named Desire had average ratings this

                                       week, despite a rise of over 10 points earlier in the week. Rumours were

                                     that Kathy Chow was the producer's first choice for the lead role, but after 

                                     Chow turned it down, the role went to Monica Chan. (Chow's manager says 

                                                      he doesn't remember if this is true, but it's unlikely).   


                                    Simon Yam, who plays Chris in the series, commented: "When I took my role, 

                                    they told me that Monica Chan had already been cast. She's perfect for the

                                     role in any case because, after all, she is a former Miss Hong Kong winner."

                                                     Image (left): Oriental Daily          right: The Sun         Info / quotes: Sanney    


                                                              Jan. 6, 2001    Qi Qi

                                    Qi Qi, along with fellow Hong Kong models Wanda Yung, Amanda Strang, and 

                                 others, did a promotion for Samsung phones. The press asked her about Simon.

                                                                                         Images: The Sun


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