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                                                                           June - December 2000

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                                                Legend: A Dream Named Desire


                                Simon Yam, Monica Chan and Ben Wong  Monica Chan  Monica Chan and Ben Wong             

                                December 25th:   At a mall in Hong Kong, the cast of Legend: A Dream Named Desire- 

                                       Simon Yam, Monica Chan and Ben Wong- spent Christmas Day promoting 

                                  their show. The event, which included audience participation games, prompted

                                     Yam to joke "Don't worry, these games are fun. I respect them. They have 

                                  these games on television and even Heavenly Queens and Heavenly Kings play

                                      them! So, for me, when I come to these events and the organizer has set 

                                 these games up, I just go with the flow and don't worry about it too much. You 

                                     can't cut these things down and then end up going back on a program and 

                                     doing them. So, don't criticize things too much and people will still give you

                                       awards!" The comments seemed to be referring to Nicholas Tse's recent

                                        controversy with TVB's Jade Solid Gold show. When asked directly, Yam

                                      said, "I wasn't talking about anyone in particular. I was just telling people 

                                                                                to relax and have fun."  

                                    Legend: A Dream Named Desire is being videotaped and aired concurrently,

                                     which has meant busy schedules for the cast, who had just finished an all 

                                                                       night shoot on Christmas Eve.  

                                                                      Images: Oriental Daily          (center): The Sun          Info / quotes: Sanney


                                      December 20th:                  Simon Yam sunglasses

                                          Simon shot photos for a new series of ads for his line of sunglasses.

                                                                         Image: Oriental Daily           Info: Sanney


                                       ATV actors (where's Waldo?)

                                December 15th:   ATV held a promotional event for its 2 new serials, one of which

                                         is Legend: A Dream Named Desire.  Cast members from 'Legend' were 

                                       all there- Simon Yam, Monica Chan, Kenneth Tsang, Ben Wong, Alice Chan,

                                      and Lee Siu Kei. The show will be going up against TVB's Healing Hands II,

                                  so producer Wong Jing says he is more realistic about the ratings possibilities

                                  than he was about Flaming Brothers two years ago. "If we get twelve ratings 

                                                                   points, I will be very happy", he said.

                                    Other ATV stars in the above picture include Sunny Chan, Wong Shee Tong, 

                                    Wong Jing and Astrid Chan - can you spot them? Simon Yam is seated next 

                                                           to Ben Wong, 2nd from right in the middle row. 

                                                                                         Image: Oriental Daily           Info: Sanney  


                                         Simon Yam, Monica Chan, & Loletta Lee

                                    Legend: A Dream Named Desire, ATV's new drama which follows the lives of 

                                   former beauty pageant contestants, will debut this week. Produced by Wong 

                                   Jing, the series stars Simon Yam Tat Wah, Ben Wong Chi Yin, Kenneth Tsang 

                                         Kong, Monica Chan Fat Yung, Loletta Lee Lai-Chun and Alice Chan Wai.


                                    The script was inspired by real life pageant winners Michelle Reis, Ada Choi 

                                                                                   and Pauline Chan.  

                                                                          Image: Apple Daily            Info: Sanney  


                                                     Richie Ren Gets a Makeover


                                               Richie Ren             Richie Ren                   

                                December 14th:   Taiwanese singer Richie Ren (Yam Yin Chai) wanted to update his

                                    boy next door image, so he asked Simon Yam and Qi Qi to design a new look

                                      for him.  Richie was interviewed about the new duds, which were said to

                                                             be derivative of Japanese star Taky Kimura: 


                                                                            Richie Ren

                                       "Ha! Ha! I knew you were going to say that. Actually, this image is quite 

                                     normal. It's really trendy overseas. It is absolutely not sexually suggestive. 

                                     The fiery colours represent my musical fire. I'm just trying out new looks. I 

                                  feel that an singer needs to change from time to time- this change has a real

                                  fashion feel; it's really manly and cool. The look that I like the most is the one 

                                  where I wear a skirt and wear leather. It was the first time I wore a skirt. It 

                                  was fun. I'll only wear it once or twice though because it's very troublesome. 

                                  The clothes weren't expensive at all, Qi Qi borrowed them from others for me. 

                                       I wasn't going to be wearing these things all the time so I didn't want to

                                                                                   waste money on it."  

                                      On the reaction in Taiwan:   "My Taiwanese fans like this new look.  Colorful 

                                                              covers are popular in Taiwan right now."

                                                                    Images: Oriental Daily             Info / Quotes: Sanney    




                                           Simon's wife, model Qi Qi, was in the deserts of Xinjiang Province in

                                                          China to shoot a hair care product commercial. 



                                                                          Images: Oriental Daily           Info: Sanney    


                                                                               Nat Chan and his wife Wong Hang Sau

                                  December 5th:  Simon attended pal Nat Chan's 51st birthday party at the Central

                                     District Hotel. Also at the  bash were Alan Tam and Eric Tsang (of course),

                                       Miu Kiu Wai and wife Chik Mei-Chun, Teddy Chan, Hacken Lee, Philip Chan

                                        and Chinastar president Charles Heung.  His friends bought Nat a huge 

                                          TV, though he told reporters what he'd really like is "world peace". 

                                                                        Image: The Sun               Info: Sanney    


                                                   Any Baby Yams in the Future?



                                                Yam sells out         Qi Qi

                                 December 3rd:     Simon was busy promoting hard liquor at an event for Martell,

                                   when he was asked why he nevers photographs his wife. "She's so beautiful,

                                           I wouldn't even know which angle I would take her picture from."

                                    Will he and Qi Qi be having children soon? "I think it's best that you ask Qi Qi. 

                                             I won't answer. Actually, there's no rush. We are still young!"

                                                                      Images: Oriental Daily               Info / Quotes: Sanney  



                                                                            Meg Lam Kin-Ming and Simon Yam        

                                         December 2nd:     An unrecognizable Meg Lam Kin-Ming and Simon Yam 

                                                       in the ATV studios make up room. OK, knock it off, guys. 

                                                                        Image: Oriental Daily               Info: Sanney  



                                                              Simon Yam sellin' out

                                                Dec. 1st:    Simon shot a Martell commercial on location at Victoria Peak, HK.  


                                         Simon Yam pushing liquor

                                                 Image (top left): Oriental Daily        Image (bottom): Apple Daily        Info: Sanney       


                                                                           Simon Yam and Raymond Wong in PTU

                               September 6th:   Simon Yam and Raymond Wong Ho Yin (from Expect the Unexpected)

                                                        in costume for Johnnie To's PTU (Police Tactical Unit).  

                                                                                     Image: Oriental Daily             


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