Moving Targets   (2004)       

                                                   Film Power Company Limited  |  Universe Entertainment Limited  | Jing's Production Limited


                                          Cast: Nicholas Tse, Edison Chen, Simon Yam, Gillian Chung, Roy Chow, Lam Suet,

                                        Hu An, Grace Shu, Ken Tong Chun Yip, Michelle Mei Suet, Lee Sheung Yee,

                                             Wan Chi Keung, Lin Chun, Lin Chung Kei, Ng Wing Lun, Helen Poon


                                              Action Choreographer: Lee Tat Chiu          Music:  Wan Ho Kit        
Writer:  Wong Jing        Producer:  Wong Jing        Director: Wong Jing

                                                                  Genre:  Action | Drama          Rating:  IIB          Released:  April 2004


                                     Moving Targets


                                    Written, produced and directed by Wong Jing, Moving Targets is based on the 

                                                                   classic 1980's TVB show "Police Cadet". 


                                Synopsis: Kit (Nicholas Tse) and Fit (Edison Chen) have been friends since the Police 

                                Training School. However, twists of fate have led them along different roads. While

                             working on an assignment, Kit by chance meets his father, Cheung Tit Man (Simon Yam),

                             whom he has not seen for 17 years and he regarded as his enemy. Later on, Kit and Fit 

                          are transferred to the CID which is led by Cheung. Their mission is to destroy the Mongkok

                           gang leaders, the Bryan brothers. At the same time, the Bryan brothers set a trap to try

                            and force Fit to join their gang. Meanwhile, Kit's increasingly neglected girlfriend, Wing

                                                           (Gillian Chung), falls for Fit and is bearing his child.






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