Explosive City   (2004)       

                                                                                         Art Port Inc.  |  Same Way Production Ltd


                                         Cast: Simon Yam, Alex Fong, Hisako Shirata, Sonny Chiba, Samuel Pang, Edwin Siu,

                                               Crystal Kwok, Joe Cheung Tung Cho, Lam Suet, Eddy Ko Hung


                                            Action Choreographer: Lee Tat Chiu          Music:  Kiyoshi Yoshikawa        
Writer:  Sam Leong, Paul Chung            Producer:  Shin Yoneyama, Sam Leong 

                                                                   Director: Sam Leong (Leung Tak Sum)

                                                                                Genre:  Action | Drama             Released:  November 2004


                                                                    Explosive City

                                            Explosive City is a HK / Japan co-production from the producers of

                                                                     'Color of Pain' and 'No Problem 2'.


                                Synopsis: A young Japanese woman (Hisako Shirata) has been trained to become a

                                   professional killer since childhood.  Two cops (Alex Fong and Simon Yam) pursue 

                                                        the girl, who has assassinated a Hong Kong official... 





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