Wan Chi Keung

                                                                         Wan Chi Keung  Wan Chi Keung

                                                                                    Soccer Player, Businessman, Actor


                                   Retired athlete Wan Chi Keung is the Chairman of Wanasports International Limited, 

                               a retail golf franchise with business partners Simon YamSammo Hung and Blackie Ko.


                                He became well known in the 1970's when he played for the Hong Kong soccer team, and

                                 parlayed that fame into a career as an actor and sports commentator. An avid golfer and 

                              husband to veteran actress Michelle Mei, Wan spends a lot of time doing charity work with 

                              his buddies Alan Tam and Eric Tsang. Wan Chi Keung recently played a senior policeman 

                                                                in the 2002 box office smash Infernal Affairs


                                                                Wan Chi Keung Filmography 

                                                                                       Wan Chi Keung

1979 One Way Only
1981 Executor 
1986 Eastern Condors   (c) 
1991 The Banquet   (c)  
1993 Perfect Exchange
1995 Don't Give a Damn   (c)
1995 Candlelight's Woman
2002 Infernal Affairs
2003 Infernal Affairs II
2003 Infernal Affairs III
2004 Moving Targets


                                                                                    c  =  cameo



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