Raymond Wong Ho Yin              

                                                                                Wong Ho Yin  Raymond Wong Ho Yin

                                                                                                                  (Raymond Wong)              


                         Born: August 25   


                                  Raymond Wong Ho Yin is a recurring young actor in the films of Milkyway Image, and is  

                                    known for roles in a mix of crime, romance, and comedies. He first played a firefighter in

                                    Lifeline and a ladies man in the police drama Expect the Unexpected, and has since

                               worked on high profile projects such as Colour of the Truth and the Love Undercover films.


                                                           Raymond Wong Ho Yin Filmography

                                                                                        Raymond Wong Ho Yin



1998 Expect the Unexpected  
1999 Sealed With a Kiss
2000 I Do  
2000 Needing You  
2001 Wu Yen   
2002 Love Undercover 
2002 The Irresistible Piggies  
2002 Color of Pain  
2002 The New Option       
2003 The New Option: The Assassin         
2003 The New Option: Back To Battle   
2003 The New Option: Point of No Return
2003 Looking For Mr. Perfect  
2003 Colour of the Truth 
2003 Honesty  
2003 PTU  
2003 Love Undercover 2: Love Mission 
2003 The Death Curse  
2003 Heroic Duo
2004 Koma
2004 Love Battlefield
2005 Slim Till Dead
2005 Set To Kill
2005 The Unusual Youth




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