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                                                                       c = cameo         e = extra



                                                    Lam Suet in 'STORY OF RICKY'

                                                          Lam Suet and Chan King in Story of Ricky (1992).


                                                       Lam Suet as a criminal in 'EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED'

                                            Lam Suet as a Mainland robber in Expect the Unexpected (1998). 


                                                            Lam Suet in 'EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED'

                                                   Expect the Unexpected:  Lam talkin' with his mouth full.



                                                                 Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                              Lam Suet

                                                            Best Supporting Actor Nomination- Lam Suet

                                                                                 1999    The Mission




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