Kenneth Tsang Kong              

                                                                                Kenneth Tsang  Kenneth Tsang Kong

                                                                                     (Tsang Kong, Zeng Jiang, Tsang Gong, Ken Tsang)                             


                                                                           Languages: Chinese, English   


                                  The stern and authoritative presence of Kenneth Tsang Kong is known collectively by

                                Asian TV audiences, movie goers and Hong Kong film enthusiasts worldwide. His roles in 

                                  John Woo's watershed films, Tsui Hark's Peking Opera Blues, and scores of villain

                                   parts have embedded a particular image in the public consciousness- obliterating the 

                                         bygone days of Tsang's early career when he often played the romantic lead.


                                  Kenneth Tsang is an actor who has done it all. He once headlined Hong Kong dramas 

                                  and romance films in the 1960's. In the 1970's, he acted in comedies for Goldig Films. 

                                  In the early 1980's, he bared his naked butt in the adult film Wild Cherry. As an actor  

                                 for TVB, he played in many of the famous television series in Hong Kong. In movies, he 

                                has acted with most of the major Hong Kong stars. By the 1990's, Tsang became one of 

                                the most familiar faces in HK movies with his frequent roles as police captains, bad guys

                                  and other characters wielding power and influence. In 1993, he played the main villain

                                  opposite Jackie Chan in Police Story III: Supercop. Tsang is also fluent in English, 

                                             a skill he has relied upon for his overseas work outside of Hong Kong.

                             Kenneth Tsang has recently signed with an American agent for his employment in Hollywood,

                                 which includes work in Anna and the King, Rush Hour 2, The Replacement Killers 

                                      and the James Bond film Die Another Day, in which he plays a Korean general.


                                                                  Kenneth Tsang Filmography

                                                                                         Kenneth Tsang Kong


Au Revoir, Mon Amour        

1991 The Banquet   (cameo) 
  The Bare-Footed Kid
  A Better Tomorrow 
  A Better Tomorrow 2
  The Blacksheep Affair
1983 The Body is Willing
  Brief Encounter in Shinjuku
  Bury Me High
2004 Colour Blossoms
  Darkside of Chinatown
  The Dragon Fortress
1989 The First Time is the Last Time
2001 Funeral March 
  I Am Sorry
  I'll Get You One Day  
2000 Killer
1989 The Killer
  Last Romance   1
  Legend of the Chiuchow Brothers
  Lover of the Swindler
  The Magic Bow
  The Money Tree
  Mother Wants Me To Get Married
  No Regret, No Return
1991 Once A Thief
1986 Peking Opera Blues
1991 The Plot   (cameo)
  Point of No Return
1993 Police Story III: Supercop
  Princess Madam
  Promising Miss Bowie
1991 Queen's High
  Royal Warriors   2
  The Secret
  Three Encounters
1991 To Be Number One
2002 The Touch
1993 The Trail   
  Up For the Rising Sun
  Wild Cherry


                                                                                      c = cameo

                                                                              1  aka Story of Rose  

                                                                              2  aka In the Line of Duty  


                                                              Kenneth Tsang -American Films

                                                                                         Kenneth Tsang Kong

Anna and the King

The Replacement Killers 
Rush Hour 2
Shadow of China   *


                                                                         * US/HK/Japan co-production



                                                        Kenneth Tsang -American Rereleases

                                                                                          Kenneth Tsang Kong

Supercop   *


                                                                        *  Police Story III: Supercop



                                                         Kenneth Tsang -Television Credits 

                                                                                          Kenneth Tsang Kong

Battle Among the Clans

The Greed of Man
Legend: A Dream Named Desire
The Price of Growing Up
Riding the Storm
The Smiling Proud Wanderer
To Where He Belongs




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