Karena Lam Ka Yan              

                                                                                 Karena Lam  Karena Lam Ka Yan

                                                                                                  (Lam Ka Yan, Lin Jia Xin, Karena Lin)   

                    Actress, Singer

                                                     Born: August 17, 1978          Languages: Chinese, English


                                   Though she released albums in 1995 and 1999, it wasn't until her film debut in 2002 that

                                Canadian Karena Lam Ka Yan truly became a star. Her role in Ann Hui's July Rhapsody

                                 depicting a teacher-student relationship with Jacky Cheung, won her Best New Performer 

                               and Best Supporting Actress Awards in both Hong Kong and at Taiwan's even more prestigious  

                                                  Golden Horse Awards. The consensus was clear: Karena rocks. 


                                The same year, Karena played a dancer who shares a doomed romance with Nicholas Tse 

                                                                                in Dante Lam's Tiramisu.

                                  She followed up with her third pairing with a Cantopop superstar- playing aside Hong Kong 

                                    veteran Leslie Cheung in the psychological thriller Inner Senses. Her role as a girl who 

                                    sees ghosts earned her another HKFA Best Supporting Actress nomination, in what was

                                                                         to become Leslie Cheung's final film. 

                                 Other than movies, Karena has also starred in TV projects in Hong Kong and Taiwan, been 

                                      a World Cup soccer correspondent for HK cable, worked as a VJ for MTV China, and 

                                                              collaborated with Aaron Kwok on a HK radio drama.


                                                                       Karena Lam Filmography

                                                                                           Karena Lam Ka Yan


July Rhapsody  

2002 Tiramisu              
2002 Inner Senses   
2003 Heroic Duo   
2003 Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat
2003 The Floating Landscape
2004 Koma
2004 Super Model
2004 Six Strong Guys
2005 It Had To Be You



                                                          Karena Lam TV Credits

                                                                                          Karena Lam Ka Yan


True Love  



                                                                 Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                            Karena Lam Ka Yan                    

                                                               Best New Performer Award- Karena Lam

                                                                         2002     July Rhapsody


                                                           Best Supporting Actress Awards- Karena Lam

                                                                         2002     July Rhapsody


                                                       Best Supporting Actress Nominations- Karena Lam

                                                                         2003     Inner Senses


                                                             Best Actress Nominations- Karena Lam

                                                                         2004     The Floating Landscape



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