Eddy Ko Hung

                                                                                     Eddy Ko  Eddy Ko Hung

                                                                                            (Ko Hung, Kao Hung, Kao Hsiung, Eddie Ko) 



                                   With his characteristic 'intense stare', Eddy Ko was precisely suited for menacing villain

                                        roles in such classics as Ching Siu Tung's Duel To the Death, Hitman in the

                                      Hand of Buddha with Hwang Jang Lee, Ronny Yu's The Postman Fights Back,

                                            The Sleeping Fist opposite Leung Kar Yan, and Tsui Hark's early works            

                                                           The Butterfly Murders and We're Going To Eat You


                                        In John Woo's first war movie, the 1986 Vietnam drama Heroes Shed No Tears

                                           Eddy Ko was unforgettable in a sympathetic starring role. Another memorable 

                                                     non-villain role was in Yuen Wo Ping's The Miracle Fighters

                                          More recently, Eddy Ko played a mob boss who hires Simon Yam to enlist the 

                                    protection of five bodyguards in Johnnie To's celebrated action film, The Mission (1999).


                                                                   Eddy Ko Hung Filmography  

                                                                                           Eddy Ko Hung


The Avenging Eagle

  Blood Call
1993 The Bride With White Hair
1989 Burning Ambition
  The Butterfly Murders
  Casino Raiders
  The Champions
  Cheetah on Fire
  Chinese Kung Fu Against Godfather
  Could You Kill My Husband Please
  Dreaming the Reality
  Duel to the Death
  East is Red   (Swordsman 3) 
2004 Explosive City
1975 Female Fugitive
  Health Warning
1996 The Hero of Swallow
1986 Heroes Shed No Tears
  Hit Man in the Hand of Buddha
1985 It's a Drink! It's a Bomb!
  A Killer's Expiry Date
  Kung Fu Conspiracy
2005 Lethal Ninja
1998 Lethal Weapon IV   (USA)
1989 Live Hard
2000 Man Wanted 3
  Master of Zen
  The Master Strikes
1982 The Miracle Fighters
1999 The Mission
1991 Mission of Condor
2003 Night Corridor
1983 Night Orchid (The Demon Fighter)
  Peacock King
1982 The Postman Fights Back
2003 PTU
  Rape Trap
1998 Ruthless Law
  Shaolin Drunkard
  The Sleeping Fist
  The Sword
  The Thundering Mantis
2003 To My Dearest Father
  The Two Cavaliers
  We're Going To Eat You
1973 The Young Rebel



                                                              Eddy Ko Hung -TV Credits 

                                                             Eddy Ko Hung

Fist of Fury 

King of Gambler
Legend of Dagger Lee
The New Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre 
Police Cadet II   (Police Cadet 1985)
Who is the Winner II



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