Astrid Chan Chi Ching

                                                                                Astrid Chan  Astrid Chan Chi Ching

                                                                                     (Chan Chi Ching, Chan Tze Ching, Chan Tse Ching)                       

                    Actress, TV Host  

Born:  July 8     Height:  5'6"     Weight:  110 lbs.


                                     When she competed in TVB's Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1994, Astrid Chan was 

                                already an experienced television and radio host in Canada. Signing a contract with TVB, 

                                    she has been a regular face in television dramas and other programming for the past 

                                     several years, hosting televised events and shows such as TVB's self promotional 

                                               entertainment news / interview program K-100. She now is with ATV.


                                      Astrid, who is the former girlfriend of actor-singer Patrick Tam, has also penned

                                        three romance novels. In 2003, she got married in England and is now a mom.


                                                       Astrid Chan Filmography

                                                                                       Astrid Chan Chi Ching


Fascination Amour

2001 Mist in Judge
1999 Nightclub   
  Point of No Return
  Street Kids Violence
  Taxi Driver
  Till Death Do Us Part
  Violent Cop
2000 What is a Good Teacher
  Wishful Milenio    



                                                               Astrid Chan -Television Credits

                                                                                        Astrid Chan Chi Ching

Battlefield Network   

Cold Blood Warm Heart
Detective Investigation Files IV
The Disappearance
Files of Justice IV
Files of Justice V
Healing Hands
Healing Hands II
K-100  *
Showbiz Tycoon
Special Duties Unit 1996
Web of Love


                                                                                         *  host


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