You Shoot I Shoot    (2001) 

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                                                                                You Shoot I Shoot

                                        Cast:  Eric Kot Man Fai, Cheung Tat Ming, Audrey Fang, Miao Felin, Asuka Higuchi

                               Chan Fai Hung, Chan Wai Man, Jim Chim Sui Man, Shaw Yin Yin, Henry Fong Ping 


                                        Cameo:  Spencer Lam, Vincent Kok, Ken Wong, Lam Suet, Tats Lau, Madam Nancy, Lam Gwing Yo, 

                                                     Missy Hyperbitch, Ng Chi Hung, Ng Ting Yip, Angela Tong Ying Ying, Matt Chow, 

                                                                                                         Tin Kai Man, Anthony Ng 


                                               Presenter:  Raymond Chow     Writer:  Vincent Kok, Pang Ho Cheung     Music:  Peter Kam   

                                                       Cinematography:  O Sing Piu     Art Director:  Bill Lui     Editor:  Koi Leung (HKSE) 

                                        Executive Producer:  Stephen Chu, David Chan     Co-Producer:  Gin Lau       Producer: Vincent Kok   

                                                                                                 Director: Edmond Pang Ho Cheung

                                                                                            Genre:  Comedy          Length:   94 minutes


                                                                                            "The more you kill, the more you save!"


                                                               Eric Kot and Cheung Tat-Ming

                              Times are tough for jack-asses of all trades, including professional killers. So hitman Bart

                                   (Eric Kot), has to resort to phoning up former clients to try and drum up business. He finds a

                                   willing customer in a bitchy socialite (Miao Felin) whose one-night stand with a lawyer was 

                                    secretly videotaped and sold as a black market VCD. Not only does she want him killed, she 

                                       wants the whole thing filmed. But the final result is unsatisfying- the camera shakes and it's

                                      blurry. Bart gets a second chance to kill the VCD manufacturer (Fong Ping), but he knows

                                                                                            he'll needs a partner to hold the camera.


                                  Luckily, Bart finds an easily mainpulated assistant director Li Tung Chuen (Cheung Tat Ming).

                                    Creatively frustrated, Chuen dreams of directing films like his idol, Martin Scorsese. The pair

                                    carry out a series of hits that delight their vengeful clients. Eventually their services are solicited 

                                       by Triad boss Brother Bill (Chan Wai Man), who wants to bump off rival gang leader Dai 

                                        Hung (played by Jim Chim Sui Man). However, to carry out his violent vision perfectly,

                                       Brother Bill insists that Bart say "Bill from Hung Hang sent me to kill you" just before firing. 


                                   The evening of the planned assassination, Dai Hung is shot by a team of rival "killers who film it"

                                  (Lam Suet and Tats Lau), ruining the film for Bart and Chuen. This gives Chuen the chance to

                                       test his mettle as a filmmaker by recreating the killing with actors, props and careful editing.


                             There aren't too many films I can say this about, but You Shoot I Shoot is kind of perfect.

                                        First time director Edmond Pang wrote the novel that was the basis for Fulltime Killer,

                                    which was released the same month and received far more fanfare. While Fulltime Killer had

                                      elements of irony and dark humor, You Shoot I Shoot is a thoroughly black black comedy

                                    that never holds back. It was produced and co-written by Vincent Kok, who cameos as a 

                                   porn seller who peddles a movie called "Bang Your Brains Out" directed by Yuen Woo Ping!

                                      Speaking of porn, Higuchi Asuka plays Michiko, Chuen's porn actress girlfriend and offers 

                                   him a generous sampling of her past experience as a fluffer with disarming innocence and purity.


                                      The casting is brilliant, with lots of ugly-interesting actors that give the movie a distinct edgy 

                                       character. Shaw Yin Yin, who already looks pretty freaky,  is terrific all uglied up as Bart's

                                   annoying mother in law to-be. Chan Wai Man is an obvious but apt choice for the triad boss.

                                      Eric Kot is the coolest. His catchy theme song to the film ("everybody shoot, shoot, shoot!")

                                                                                                   is a highlight.





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