Wong Hei              

                                                                                     Wong Hei  Wong Hei

                                                                                                             (Wong He, Wang Xi



                                 Wong Hei is one of TVB's most popular male actors. In addition to acting in movies and

                                 television, Wong has recorded a CD and released a playful photo album in which he gets

                                                                                        nearly naked.


                                                                       Wong Hei Filmography

                                                                                         Wong Hei


The Accident     

  Angels Model
1999 The Boss Up There 
2003 The Dark Side of My Mind
  Husbands & Wives
  The Killer Has No Return
  Legend of Two Dragons
  Love in Garden Street
1997 Mad Stylist
2002 Memento
1995 Passion 1995
2003 Sai Kung Story
  Stooge, My Love
  Sworn Revenge
2000 Undercover Blues  
  Zhan You



                                                           Wong Hei -Television Credits 

                                                                                         Wong Hei

The Barren Zone

Burning Flame
Burning Flame II
Deadly Protection
Food of Love
A Matter of Custom
Nothing To Declare
Romancing Hong Kong
Side Beat
A Tough Side of a Lady  
Wind and Cloud





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