Maria Yi

                                                                       Maria Yi 衣依

                                                                                                                                     (Yi Yi)


                                   Born: 1953

                                     Maria Yi (aka Yi Yi) began acting as a teenager and only made six films in her short

                                     career, yet she received top billing, and her face commonly graced movie posters and 

                                                  covers of film and entertainment magazines like Four Seas Weekly.


                                   Following her role as a swordswoman opposite James Tien in The Chase, Maria Yi and

                                 Tien were cast in Bruce Lee's breakout movie, The Big Boss. Maria's part as a wholesome

                                country girl made an impression. Maria again worked with Bruce in his next film, Fist of Fury,

                                          making her the second most frequently used lady in his films after Nora Miao


                                Maria went on to co-star in two more Lo Wei films with another superstar at the time, Jimmy 

                                     Wang Yu. She got married in June 1974, and Nora Miao was one of the guests at her 

                                wedding. In 1976 she made her last film, Tiger of Northland, Golden Harvest's co-production 

                                                                                            with Korea.


                                                                         Maria Yi Filmography



The Chase          

1971 The Big Boss   (Fists of Fury) 
1972 Fist of Fury   (The Chinese Connection)
1973 A Man Called Tiger      
1973 Seaman No. 7       
1976 Tiger of Northland          



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