Jon Benn

                                                                    Jon Benn  

                                                                                                                      (John Benn)      


                             Jon Benn played a gang boss in Bruce Lee's last completed film, The Way of the Dragon

                               (1972), aka Return of the Dragon. Benn later wrote of his experience with Bruce in his book

                                    "Remembering Bruce Lee" and opened the (now defunct) restaurant in HK called

                                                                                 The Bruce Lee Café. 

                                  Jon also had a role in the Bruce Lee exploitation film The Clones of Bruce Lee, which 

                               starred Dragon Lee and Bruce Le, among others. In 1999 he was interviewed in Lot Sze's

                                                                    Bruce Lee documentary Century Hero


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The Way of the Dragon 

1977 The Clones of Bruce Lee
1985 The Unwritten Law 
1999 Century Hero  (documentary)



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Death by Misadventure  *


                                                           * interviewed in documentary        



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