Emily Kwan Bo Wai              

                                                                                             Emily Kwan

         (Kwan Bo Wai, Kwan Po Wai, Kwan Bo Lam)



                                   Emily Kwan Bo Wai often plays the part of a sour policewoman, most famously in films  

                                   by Ringo Lam and Danny Lee. From her introduction onwards, Kwan has specialized in

                                           Category III movies of a scandalous nature, including the sordid classics

                                                                      The Untold Story and Dr. Lamb.


                                                                    Emily Kwan Filmography



Bloody Friday

  Desirous Express       
1992 Dr. Lamb             
2004 Forbidden Wet Tales
1994 From Zero To Hero
2000 Homicidal Maniac
  Love Correction
  Love in the River
  Temptation of an Angel
1996 Tri-Star
1995 Twist  
1993 The Untold Story
1999 Victim
  Water Tank Murder Mystery
  Wishful Milenio
  Yu Pu Tsuen III           



                                           Emily Kwan -Television Credits 


A Measure of Love          

Crimson Sabre           
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994
The Mystery of the Condor Heroes
One Good Turn Deserves Another
Till When Do Us Part   


                                                                                  Emily Kwan Bo Wai


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