Anya Wu (Anya Ng)     

                                                                                   Anya Anya Wu (On Nga)     

                                                                                   (Anya Wu, Anya Ng, Ng On Nga, On Nga, Wu An Ya) 


                                                             Born:  February 17    Languages:  Chinese, English


                                  Anya was working as a DJ in Taiwan when she caught the attention of Golden Harvest, 

                                      who cast her in her debut film Born To Be King. Relocating to Hong Kong, Anya's

                                    profile has increased swiftly with Golden Harvest's support- she has since had larger

                                      roles in several of the studio's post-millenium efforts and is also in demand in print 

                                                                                   and TV commercials. 


                                                                         Anya Filmography

                                                                                        Anya Wu (On Nga)                            



2000 Born To Be King  
2001 Cop On a Mission 
2002 The Era of Vampires
2000 For Bad Boys Only
2003 My Lucky Star
2002 Naked Weapon
2001 Runaway
2001 Sharp Guns
  Sleepless in Taipei



                                                             Anya Wu- Theatre

                                                                                        Anya Wu (On Nga)                            

Glengarry Glenross


                                                               * HK stage production of David Mamet's play




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