Andy Lau Tak Wah 

                                                                                  Andy Lau  劉德華

                                                                                                    (Lau Tak Wah, Liu De Hua, Andy Liu)            

                                                                                      Actor, Singer, Producer

                                    Born:  September 27, 1961- Hong Kong    Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English


                                Hong Kong born Andy Lau Tak Wah is one of 6 children (he has four sisters and a brother). 

                               In 1982 he enrolled in TVB's acting course and soon became a mainstay of several popular TV 

                                  series. His popularity was established by his role in Return of the Condor Heroes, and he

                                         was one of the starring cast of a hugely successful TV series, The Five Tigers, 

                                along with Miu Kiu Wai, Felix Wong Yat Wah, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Ken Tong Chun Yip.

                                 His film debut was in Ann Hui's Boat People (1982), an acclaimed drama with political text. 
                               By 1991, he averaged a movie a month, his film output was so rigorous that he was sleeping in 

                                                   his car while filming multiple films simultaneously, day and night.


                               He launched his singing career with his first album in 1985, and rose to become one of Asia's

                                most popular singers, one of "The Four Heavenly Kings". He has toured the world performing 

                                        sold out shows all over Asia and abroad, and is the recipient of numerous awards. 
                                In 1991 he formed his production company, Teamwork, whose first release was Savior of the 

                               Soul, which he starred in. Following that, his music production outfit New Melody Productions 

                              was formed. Andy Lau is sought after for commercials as well- Motorola, Ericsson, Solvil E Titus

                                                          watches, and Pepsi-Cola are among the products he sponsors.

                                 Between 1988 and 2000, Lau garnered 292 singing awards, which earned him a place in the

                                Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Awards Won By a Cantopop Male Artist" (Lau is

                                      the second Hong Kong entertainer to be recognized by Guinness, after Jackie Chan).

                                     In 2001 he was immortalized in a wax statue at Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum. The

                                  prolific singer has recorded in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, and he has collaborated

                                                     with Kenny G, Jim Brickman, and Filipina diva Sharon Cuneta.


                                                           Andy Lau Filmography



Once Upon a Rainbow

1982 Boat People   
1983 On the Wrong Track
1983 Home at Hong Kong
1984 Everlasting Love
1984 Shanghai 13
1985 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
1985 The Unwritten Law    
1986 Lucky Stars Go Places   
1986 Magic Crystal         
1987 Tragic Hero                    
1987 Sworn Brothers             
1987 Rich and Famous
1988 The Romancing Star II         
1988 Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch    
1988 The Crazy Companies              
1988 The Truth                                  
1988 As Tears Go By                       
1988 Walk on Fire                             
1988 In the Blood                              
1988 The Dragon Family                  
1988 Three Against the World          
1988 The Crazy Companies II        
1989 rder-left: .5pt solid windowtext; border-right: .5pt solid windowtext; border-top-style: none; border-top-width: medium; border-bottom: .5pt solid windowtext; padding-left: 5.4pt; padding-right: 5.4pt; padding-top: 0in; padding-bottom: 0in" height="18"> Century of the Dragon          
2000 The Duel                                   
2000 Needing You                  
2000 A Fighter's Blues   (also co-producer)        
2001 Love on a Diet
2001 Fulltime Killer    (also co-producer)           
2001 Dance of a Dream   (also co-producer)          
2002 Fat Choi Spirit          
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File   2       
2002 Infernal Affairs                     
2002 Golden Chicken   (cameo)           
2003 Black Mask 2: City of Masks   3    
2003 Cat and Mouse        
2003 Give Them a Chance   (cameo)         
2003 1:99   4
2003 Running on Karma                
2003 Infernal Affairs III                
2004 Magic Kitchen
2004 House of Flying Daggers   (CHINA) 
2004 Jiang Hu   (also co-producer, co-presenter) 
2004 McDull, Prince de la Bun   (voice) 
2004 Yesterday Once More 
2004 A World Without Thieves   (CHINA)
2005 Wait 'Til You're Older
2005 All About Love


                                                                   1  introduces film with Teresa Mo 

                                                                   2  aka The Wesley's Mysterious Story

                                                                   3  voice dubbing for Cantonese version only

                                                                   4  appears in 2 short films by Johnnie To

                                                                       and Andrew Lau (cameo). 



                                                                Andy Lau -Duets


Jordan Chan 
Kelly Chen
Sharon Cuneta 
Kenny G
Blackie Ko
Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Anita Mui
Sandra Ng
Tony Leung Chiu Wai 



                                                    Andy Lau -Movie Theme Songs


Casino Raiders II
Dance of a Dream
Dragon in Jail
Fat Choi Spirit
A Fighter's Blues
Full Throttle
Infernal Affairs  *
Island of Greed
The Longest Summer
Love on a Diet
Lung Fung Restaurant
Moon Warriors
Saviour of the Soul
Shaolin Soccer
Shanghai Grand
Sworn Brothers
Tian Di
A True Mob Story 
Zodiac Killers


                                                                         * duet with Tony Leung Chiu Wai



                                                       Andy Lau -TV Theme Songs


Amazing Story
Burning Flame
Down Memory Lane
Empress Wu
The Key Man
The Link
Reaching Out
The Sword of Conquest



                                                             Andy Lau -TV Credits


  Double Fantasies
1984 The Duke of Mount Deer
1983 Episodic Drama
1982 The Emissary   (aka Hunting)        
1986 The Heavenly Swordsman and the Spoiled
1986 Heir To the Throne Is..
1982 The Legend of Master So
  The Modern Love Story
1983 The Old Miao Myth
1984 The Other Side of the Horizon
1983 The Return of the Condor Heroes
1984 The Return Of Wong Fei Hung
1985 Take Care, Your Highness!
  The Thief of Time
1988 Tin Long Kip
1986 The Yang's Saga



                                                              Hong Kong Film Awards                                


                                                            Best New Performer Nomination- Andy Lau

                                                                            1982     Boat People


                                                                Best Actor Nominations- Andy Lau

                                                                            1988     As Tears Go By

                                                                            1991     Lee Rock

                                                                            1995     Full Throttle

                                                                            2000     A Fighter's Blues

                                                                            2001     Love on a Diet

                                                                            2002     Infernal Affairs


                                                                    Best Actor Awards- Andy Lau

                                                                            1999     Running Out of Time

                                                                            2003     Running on Karma 


                                                                Best Original Song Nominations- Andy Lau

                                                                            1991     A True Mob Story (vocals)

                                                                            1994     Tian Di (vocals)

                                                                                                     1995     Full Throttle (vocals)

                                                                            1997     Island of Greed (vocals)

                                                                                                     1998     Casino Raiders II (vocals)

                                                                            1998     The Longest Summer (vocals)

                                                                            1998     Shaolin Soccer (vocals)

                                                                            2002     Infernal Affairs (duet with Tony Leung)



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